A history lesson from 2038 about the Second Civil War 0f 2018, predicted by the prophet Alex Jones:

The setting is the barren Hellswamp of South Florida. Particularly, from the Palm Beaches down.

Here, the Resistance has learned how to domesticate alligators from the Western edges of the Resistance Bastion to use as mounts against the Red Caps.

Their genetic engineering efforts and breeding programs were not in vain, as the gators have been restored to pre-historic sizes. These were great mounts.

In the initial uprising, the Resistance burned Mar-a-Lago, and turned Trump International Golf Course into sustainable farming land. This secured their position in the Palm Beaches, despite the Island being Red Cap loyalists.

Publixes were declared DMZ’s and many an accord were held there. Neither faction would dare attack a Publix supply truck.

The Red Caps held most of the state. A major front line was the boundary between Orange and Seminole Counties and Polk. There was also a pocket of Resistance at Gainesville.

We don’t really know what happened during this period… Sometime between the Second Civil War, and WW3, it seems we lost a lot of history, but that was the situation in Florida. Ah well. Maybe we’ll find them again in our Arcology.